Happy Earth Day From Atypical!

Happy Earth Day From Atypical!

Happy Earth Day!

As Atypical Supply Co. started to grow I knew I wanted to do things different and make an active effort to make a difference in how every level of our product is created and delivered to our customer. Here are a few things I’m proud of this company for doing right that you might not know about us.


With so many brands and bands I’ve worked with in the past there was a concerning amount of wasted unsold inventory that sits around either unused or thrown away once it’s no longer relevant. I knew that’s not how I wanted to handle it with Atypical. We print every order ‘on demand’ so there is no extra wasted inventory and in events where we print Merch for pop up shops or festivals we donate what isn’t sold to charity at the end of that products cycle.


When we were asked by Fabricated Abyss if we’d like to add keychains to the lineup the big selling point for me was that all of the keychains would be 3D printed with PLA plastics. PLA - thermoplastic derived from renewable resources such as corn starch or sugarcane. The same type of plastic used in medical implants. It feels good knowing out plastics are carbon neutral from creation until destruction.


In June of 2020 we took our commitment to the environment one step further. At no extra cost to our customers we ditched traditional polyester mailers and moved to B-Corp certified The Better Packaging Company compostable mailers for every order. Since then we’ve already sent out over 300 mailers that benefit the environment instead of slowly killing it and we can’t be more thankful to have them on our team!

We can’t wait to come up with even more innovative ways to protect this planet as we move our company forward. Happy Earth Day.


- John Webb

Founder | Atypical Supply Co.




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